Monday, January 5, 2015

Week of Dec 29

This week was great! It was great to talk to you and it was great to
have another Christmas on the mission.

The most interesting thing to me about my time as a missionary is that
all the days bleed together. I am hardly aware of what day it is and
what that means. Every day is Sunday, but one Sunday a week we go to
church to make it an "extra Sunday-ey sunday." That is kind of cool but
super weird at the same time.

Saturday was great. One of the coolest people I have met on my mission
was baptized. Ever was so nervous to even think about this step a
month and a half ago, but Saturday he killed it. He had some
butterflies but put confidence in himself and kicked butt! He even
bore his testimony after he was baptized. That was extra special
because he told us he had never before stood up in front of a crowd of
people to speak even when he had to. He bore his simple powerful
testimony of the reality of God and his willingness to guide a
searching soul. That felt great.

Interestingly enough I was filled the same way that Saturday afternoon
as well. That happened while knocking on doors and not being given a
single return appointment or let in. People were more or less polite
but no one really wanted us there to begin. There was one father and
son duo who were from Spain and particularly catholic. Just
traditionally though, so very stubborn and closed but not so sure
about the doctrine... Funny how that works. Anyway, they were nice
enough to listen to us for a moment. After much persistence, a few
scriptures, testifying and offering to re-roof their house for free we
left each other in good spirits with warm hand shakes.
The reason that particular experience and all of our other contacts
that afternoon were so great was I think because we helped everyone we
talked to truly come a little closer to the truth. Some perceptions
were changed, some people were invited to pray, some people were
invited to read and all were given testimony of the restored of Jesus
Christ. That made me feel just as good as helping someone to baptism.
It is all the same work, some are just ready, some aren't.

I will strive to give everyone a fair chance at it.

I love you and and hope you have a WONDERFUL week. I know I will have one


Elder Bigelow

Ps. Did you ever get more info about the possibility of me getting
some insoles from dr. Brady's offic?
Pps. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GIFTS--I wore my socks last night-I wore my
robe this morning-I plan on eating my salsa this afternoon-I have my
present looking into the light-and I am itching to use my cute little
journals. I think I will start in them with my dope new Tetris
crayons. Aaaaand I am excited to see what Julia made! Did you by
chance get my little envelope yet?

These are some live reactions!

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