Wednesday, January 14, 2015

week of Jan 12

Today is a good day! And also a very sad one. I am, as we speak, packing
to move to a new area. We got a call late last night that due to an
emergency there needed to be a change and we are at the receiving end
of that change. So, I will be going back to springlake, my very first
Ward! But instead of being in Herndon I will be in Sterling, it is
like 15 minutes north of where I was previously.

Obviously there are a lot of mixed emotions when you get moved,
especially when it was totally unexpected and effective immediately. I
have seen people get really mad or sad or distraught in situations
like this before so when president called I was waiting for some sort
of extreme reaction from myself, but nothin happened.. So, I guess I
am still a relaxed kind of guy!

In speaking with some members and investigators and letting them I
won't be coming back it was interesting to see their different
reactions. I was most impressed with Sonia. She is a relatively new
investigator and us coming into her live has totally changed her
universe. since the first time we met with her she has felt the spirit
strongly and she says that "she feels" that she needs to follow
everything we share with her. She also has in a few weeks made an
enormous connection with us. She actually cried when I told her I was
leaving (I was a little surprised...) but then she said something
profound. She said then it is all okay because she knows there are
other souls God has prepared for me to touch. She made me promise to
go back for her baptism which I gladly did, and so I guess you'll get
a picture of that in a little while.

Anyway, I love you all, I am out of time due to the move, but I love you!

Always be grateful for what you have, it could be taken away from you
quicker than you think!


Elder Bigelow 

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