Monday, January 26, 2015

Week of Jan 19

We are driving on the George Washington memorial parkway in great
falls VA. It is beautiful here. We are on our way back from the
temple. It has been a long while since going so it was a great
experience to go back. I will enjoy being able to go often after my
mission. How is progress coming on the Provo city center temple? Do
they have an estimated day of completion?

This past week was a good one, every day offering something new. Being
here again in spring lake has brought back a lot of great memories.

I will focus my feelings of this week into one experience due to lack
of time. Last night, right before heading in, we went and stopped at
the Chiñas house. If I told you before they are part of the Muñoz
clan. There is the grandparents, their four daughters and all of their
families of all sorts and sizes, some married, some not etc etc.
everyone is in a different walk and or phase of life. Regardless of
all of this they have an immense love within their big family unit and
we as missionaries get to feel all of it. We stopped by their house to
see the newest missionary in the ward off. He will be going to Tucson
Arizona, he will be leaving on Tuesday. He is excited, nervous,
animated, sometimes teary and very very ready to go. I am excited for
him and the experiences he is going to have. It was a simple night,
nothing really special, but the love and care was immense. I want to
have that spirit in my family. I am excited to feel that in real time
at home with you guys too.

Got to go---


Elder Bigelow

Here is Hazi, future Elder Chiñas

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