Monday, March 2, 2015

This week has been great; it has flown by like I can't believe. It
just gets faster and faster.

The biggest thing that has grown as of late is my faith, I think. By that
I mean my willingness to do what I know I need to. It has happened
because of an increase of love for the people in our area and the
wonderful experiences I have had as we reach out further and further
to try and help people grow themselves.  Saturday was particularly

We planned out our day the night before as we always do, trying to
confirm things, figuring out what to study etc etc. We felt good about
what we had planned and we were ready to get going the next morning.

As we were going on with our day we visited a few people and talked to
some people on the street. Everything was falling through and we both
felt a gentle inkling to go to Fairfax which is a little ways away, so
we baiedl on our plans in early afternoon, seeing as we had no
appointments later on.

We went and checked around every corner for Hispanics in apartments in
our potentials list and we were having no luck. (IT WAS SO COLD). We
skipped dinner to keep going and we could not find anyone who was home
or even mildly interested. After talking to everyone and running to and fro
trying to be productive and efficient we decided to try one last house
because it was about 30 mins to get home if you're lucky and we had
little time left.

We pulled up to the home and it was pitch dark. We said a prayer
anyway and as we looked up Elder Rascon said, "I think I know why we
are here..." He had a light in his eye as he pointed literally over a
river and through a small wood to a house about a hundred yards away.
The family was hustling to bring groceries back from their car. He
mentioned he had spoken with them before about a month and a half ago.
They are friends of a neighbor who introduced them. I said, alright
let's go.

On our way over, excitement was building and the possibility of
teaching a beautiful family ran through my head. I have come to rely
on miracles for our success, while always searching for them. --We got
there and knocked, he answered, we went in and had a wonderful
conversation. It seemed but a moment but took about a half an hour. We
didn't have "a lesson" but we had a good talk. It seemed to influence
him a lot as well as all his daughters we were able to speak to for a
minute. Then we left.

It is interesting how simple and small things can create large change
in the future. It is like that one "a few degrees" talk by president
Ucthdorf. I am so happy we followed our feelings, nothing is more

Follow your gut! (aka probably, maybe the spirit if it is a good thing
you feel you should do)


Elder Bigelow

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