Thursday, March 26, 2015

We had a wonderful week in many ways.

My highlights/things on my mind:
-We had an awesome training on Thursday. The only downside was that it was seven hours long aaaaaahghrhrghgh, so long, kill me. But I learned so much and made all sorts of strides of improvement, so it was worth it. We learned a lot about the Book of Mormon, and we're reminded of its role and had a wonderful, enthralling talk about... Planning. It was wonderful, for real changed my life.
-One of these past days, I don't remember which, we stopped a women walking her dog and asked if we could just share with her a card and we were able to start a wonderful conversation about all sorts of things which ended in the first vision. Vivian is 28, black, with deep roots from Arlington. It was one of the most satisfying conversations I have had in a long time.
-I really want to continue to talk to many people like Vivian, and anyone else who God will put in our path. We have made a large effort to talk to everyone, Hispanic or not, everywhere we go over the past while in my mission and I don't think anything has been more rewarding. Reaching out! It always makes me feel good

Something I read recently in Alma hit me today that says something along the lines of "compassion moved them to act"(it was in Spanish so I am paraphrasing); compassion, charity, and love are the absolutely most enduring motivators and energizers. I love what I do and I continue to try and love who I am. I want love to motivate me to do most everything I do in my life.

I love you!

Elder Bigelow 

With my Mission President:

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