Friday, March 13, 2015

Week of March 9

These week was a great one, lots of little miracles, lots of tender
mercies and Tons of hard work (lots of doors and lots of talking).

I am trying to think of the things that I want to do and feel and see
over the last little time I have left to be a missionary. I think I
have decided that what I want more than anything is to forget I am in
Virginia, see every person for who they really are and try to speak,
and help them. A phrase that my companion and I strive for sometimes
is "forget you are in Virginia."

That is what I want to do with the time I have left. I want to forget
I am in Virginia. I don't want to wind down to the finishing days of
my time here. I want to continue progressing and come home with the
ability to come home running.

I don't have to many words today but I will tell you I am grateful for
my personal testimony, and I am glad I live what I live because of my
own conviction.-- We met a lady the other day and had a tremendously
interesting discussion with her. I think she belonged to a Unitarian
Universalist  Congregation or something like that. (I finally
understand what dad said one time, saying, "They believe in God, sort
of...) She said she chose her view of God and religion totally based
on the social effects on humanity and the good it cause in her life.
Because of that and in part, how she was raised, she now identifies
with Christianity most closely. She doesn't however believe in the
divinity of Jesus Christ or anything like that. Interesting.

I was confused, and obviously I have respect for everyone, their
beliefs and how they got there because everyone has had a different
life experience. Regardless, I am very grateful that I do what I do
because of my personal experience and my conviction in respect to Gods
relationship and communication with me. I love God, I love what the
Gospel has done for my life and I intend to use it to get the most out
of life that I can over the rest of my time on this here little

See you!

Lots of Love!


Elder Bigelow

ps. We went to cafe rio today and saw 9 Mormons under one hour. BUMPIN'

Here is another photo of us before another day long excursion into the
foot of snow that fell over a few hours. It was Heavy stuff.

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