Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another food related musing

I still really like drinking coke, like a lot.

I hardly ever do but it is always a good experience. During weekly planning which tends to last around 4 hours if you do it right I begin to want to kill myself (because I have to be inside) or I drink a coke, it is how I get through friday afternoons. Planning is great, though often strenous. That is how it is supposed to be as I understand it, so I wear my thinking cap and drink coke and everything is better. That is something really cool about things that God asks us to do sometimes. We are allowed, and I think expected to find and use our own productive coping mechanisms. I am always all over finding ways to make everything we do a little funner, or bearable, depending on task. Something our Mission President quotes often is his defenition of discipline: "Doing what you don't want to do, when you don't want to do it becasue you know you should". Thinking about President Riggs saying that to me always helps me to get through something I would prefer to avoid, and eventually helps me develop a desire to complete some things. If something seems rough and right now is a really inconvient time to do something I can just say, sweet, I am a missionary and I do it. Because, I know that becasue of my calling I have to do many things, and I often have to grow into my calling. I am here to become the person God sent me to be, so therefore, I must be disciplined. Anyways, enough about the coke.
This past Miercoles was Halloween so we watched some movies, which was cool. We watched Megamind, which is always good and we also got to see Monsters University, also stellar. It was kind of weird to just watch a movie and it not be a big deal, even though it was. I also ate lots of chocolate.
I had an interview with the President this week. Those are always great/scary becasue he often rips you apart in a really nice way and then makes you feel better at the end.
This is my last week in my first area. I said goodbye in my testimony on sunday which was very odd. A quarter is already over.
This past week I have learned again a tremendous amount about how much this mission is for me and my own changes. Everyday I change more into the person God wants, and needs me to be. As we continue to be obedient, tirelessly plan and look for opportunites to exert ourselves we have not seen many fruits of our labors this past month, but the success is evident within ourselves our resolve and our new vision for the rest of our lives. I now know many things I did not know to start and have a much stronger faith and belief in others. This Gospel will bless the lives of those I share it with because of the Love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his truthfullness.
Change into what you want to become
I love you all so much!
-Elder B.
ps. we found these awesome posters in the street. there will be a video of the gallery tour


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  1. Kissing the Coke can. He is funny. Oh, I miss having these boys around my house so much!! I am so glad to be able to read the updates that you post.