Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prayers are Legit

This week we had an amazing experience. We have been struggling to find, teach and even meet with members. We got rocked actually, but this was a ray of sunshine.

On saturday we had a return apointment with a potential we had caught up with earlier that week. We went over and on the way in to his complex we saw a sign that said "Absolutely no soliciting and or distributing of literature of any kind. All violators will be prosecuted". Usually that isn't the biggest deal in the world but our back-up had been to knock around and talk to people in that complex because we felt as if we should. We went to go see Marvin (the potential) and he was not there. I had to pee really really really bad so we left quickly to hit a 7-11 around the corner and came back to try Marvin again. Before getting out of the car we said a couple prayers about where/what we should do after Marvin if he wasn't there because all his lights were still off. We both felt in the end that there was someone we needed to meet, and we needed to find them.

We went and knocked for one last faithfull try and he wasn't there. As elder Clark was writing a note I started banging my head on the wall out of frustration because this had happened so many times this week. I began desperately praying again searching for any sort of feeling of where we should go to find these people we needed to find. I asked over and over again if we should go left or right after exiting the complex. I faintly felt left after going back and forth, trying to test my feelings. I told Elder Clark and took the lead out of the complex and just started walking in a direction that felt okay. I looked at a building and said in my head, middle to the right, so I continued toward that building. There was a little kid playing soccer outside of the building and I walked past him trying to follow my feelings. Elder Clark stopped and said, "lets talk to him". I said, "great, whatever you feel". We taught him about the Book of Mormon and a living prophet, we asked him if we could teach him and his family. He said sure, we could go talk to him mom right now in the house which was # 102 which was the building I had been walking towards, middle floor to the right. We went and knocked. Long story short, she said she knew of our church, was Christian, has a friend who is Mormon who went to BYU and that we could come back any time this week. Magic.

Prayer is sooo real, and God provides for his servants. I knew it, but to see it again was a blessing.
I have recieved the birthday presents, I LOVE THEM, THANK YOU. The journal is awesome and I love the hat.
It is getting cold here and I love it
Love ,
Elder Bigelow

My profile picture that didn't quite cut the mission standards but I still might try to sneak on

A really awesome family who's daughter just got baptized and my bishop

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