Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cookies and life lessons

Dear Mom,
MMMMMMMM... Them lemon shortbread cookies you sent are real good. Thank you so much for sending them out. I am still savoring the ginger pennies too. They have lasted very well in their little zip-lock bag. My companion Elder Facer really loves them all too, I think he likes the shortbread more. I am so glad my companion and I get a long so well. We have been able to do a lot of things together, including buying food together and sharing everything, even our packages for the most part, I still safeguard my chocolate though... I have a bag of guittard left...

I think I am kind of tough to get a long with now and again.  I just like having my way because I think it is the best or I am right. I am sure Dad remembers that. I specifically remember a number of arguments with him about how totally certain I was about something someone said, or how it was supposed to be done. I still do that, but I never let it get to an argument, I just say yep, you are probably right and let it go. Look Mom, I am learning! Isn't that great? But seriously, it is cool to see how we change and grow. There are many many things that I have decided that I will do and will not do for the rest of my life in my professional and familial life. One of my favorite parts about being in this mission is being able to listen to Elder (Jim) Ritchie, who was a major part of the Franklin-Covey "how to be a successful person stuff." I am hardly ever a "listen to this famous/rich person and find their secrets" guy, but he is something special. He, of course, is a fabulous, charismatic speaker, with all sorts of engaging stories and analogies, but they all come back to basic principles of the gospel. All of the 7 habits of successful people are truly based on scriptures. One of the things that he has specifically asked us to do is create a personal constitution. Meaning, to write out a record of our values and ideal characteristics in an order of importance, all elaborated and specified to our individual lives. As I try to do this with what little extra time I have I have been able to look ahead with the end in mind. I see situations that may come up and my decisions have already been made because of what I have chosen to foreordain. It is a great experience to go through and gauge yourself and decide what truly matters to your future. It is a lifelong process I think as one continues to develop and I am excited to continue to develop. It is a cool future to think about when I know what I want to become. You should do the same thing, or give it a go at least, if you haven't already tried it or have one.

In other news, for Christmas I will be receiving countless presents from all of my family and friends back home. Much, much too much food from members in the ward along with some presents. Hopefully some letters from friendly friends, as well as an Ipad and Iphone from my mission president. It is official, we will be getting these new devices to "hasten the work" this coming December. I can think of all kinds of great ways that an Ipad will help us already, particularly in showing videos to people who don't have internet connections. I am not sure what an Iphone is going to do for us other than be convenient; however, I am sure there will be a manual on how it will help us be more efficient and all sorts of great stuff. I am not complaining at all, I am all sorts of excited. Is anything cool like that happening at BYU? Free Ipads for everyone! It is cool to see the church truly start to adapt and use the wonderful benefits technology has to offer. 

This week I have really been able to see how I am being prepared to meet people as well as the other way around, but particularly me. There are a lot of people in this mission who I think are waiting for me to find and teach them, I, however, have to be prepared for them and they won't be put in my path if I don't change in the way I need to. We always hear the miracles of investigators being prepared, but I think more than half the miracles is ourselves changing into a person who is ready to bring someone else into the gospel. I will keep trying to change in the ways I need to to bring those to the Gospel who are waiting for me.

I love you guys lots! Keep doing great. 

Love, as always,

-Elder B
P.S. Still love playing soccer on P'day

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