Monday, November 18, 2013

Faaaaaalls Church

Hey fam bam +,
I went to the Crystal City Mall just barely, I am pretty sure I just drove past our old apartments again. The Crystal House? We went to Costco just barely. To answer one of your questions, I pretty much only go to Costco for shopping and eat at members houses one way or another.
I really like Falls Church a lot. It has a lot of the vibes I like in a town. A little artsy, a little old and lots of stone and lots of people. I am really excited to work here. The members in our ward and seem to have a strength about them that is different than what I saw before. I think more than anything it is the direction the Bishop and the Ward Mission Leader have for our ward.  One of them named Bishop King who is a high powered lawyer who works "down-town" as I am told and the other works as a consultant for Deloitte.  They both have some really great ideas for our ward as well as the guns to back it all up.
Moving to a new area and "blue washing" (When two new elders replace sister missionaries) has been really different. I don't know any members well, and the few that I did know from before didn't even come to Church on Sunday. We are basically starting from scratch because the previous missionaries didn't leave us any sort of relationships with member families, less-active families or investigators to visit. Because of this we have had to change how we do things, for the better. Everything we do involves so much prayer. We have no sort of direction to go so all we do is ask God to direct us. Our first night when we really didn't know what we were doing we just looked through the ward list combined with a few former investigators and prayed about where on earth we should go. We ended up finding a name we both felt pretty good about. We went to the house with a result of a very nice little english speaking family. Before they kindly declined what we had to offer we asked them if any of there neighbors were spanish speakers. Long story short, one of their neighbors is now our first investigators. With time their whole family will join in and begin their own journey in this Gospel. Prayer is so real. Prayer is something I  have always known works, and that I have always felt the power of. One of the very best things for me about what I do right now is telling people they don't have to trust in my words, all they have to do is ask God in prayer. It is simple, all the answers they desire or are searching for are only a few genuine prayers away. I know I can always improve my prayers. I know that I can better use this divine conversation I have been given every day. Because, I know that prayer works.
I will keep you updated on all the good news from Falls Church Virginia!
Love You all
--Elder B
Ps. Do you remember the Allen family from the 1st ward? They meet in our building the hour after us. Cool huh, we are going over for dinner on thursday.

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