Monday, November 18, 2013

Week of Nov 11

This week is veterans day, which is kind of the worst because the libraries are closed so all of our computers get mobbed, so I have to wait for like 2 hours to get a tiny bit of time. This does mean however that I might get to email tomorrow too.

This week as I gear up for moving into a new area I have been trying to do everything I can to leave a lasting difference here in my area. This has meant particularly really ramping up work with members and within the leadership in the ward. One of the most meaningful things we have recently done is creating a vision for the ward over the next transfer or two. Taking time to create visions, goals, plans and creating an accountability structure has made plans that will greatly impact this ward for long after I leave, regardless if I am there. Doing this type of planning all the time has really changed the way I think about the rest of my life. Just to think about it is kind of weird. I  have planned out so much of my life already. Who would have ever thought of me as the long term detailed planning type? Thank you all so much for everything. I have to run. I will try to write a little more tomorrow!

I love you all so much.


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