Wednesday, June 25, 2014

week of June 16

How is everything going at home now that everything is back to normal?
 When do you all get on the move again for Jackson? Will you be
leaving at the very end of June like so often happens? I am trying to
gauge birthday presents... Speaking of that you should be receiving a
package for Father's Day, I tried to time it right but it might be
arriving today or tomorrow. It is a book, believe it or not. But I
hope a good one (i didn't read it). You can borrow it too.

This week I had a interesting experience with the Atonement I will
tell you all briefly about. I think for the first time I have really
experienced the Atonement as a supporting power. That I have
recognized at at least, I am sure it has supported me in the past.

I was having some doubts as I often do and I really need help figuring
stuff out. I became a little bit frantic in my search doing every
thing I could think of to gain the knowledge and peace I needed. After
lots of my own efforts and a lot of help from the other side I figured
out what I needed. In retrospect I realized that all I did was
exercise faith in Christ through Prayer and study as well as my own
sacrifice. I repented of my short-comings, remembered the promises I
made to follow Jesus Christ the last time I took the sacrament and
then bam, I felt the support of the spirit. It was a really fantastic
opportunity for me to experience the Atonement again. I know how I can
conquer all my doubts as they can continue to come for the rest of my
life, because I know they will. And, until I die, I won't have it all
figured out.

I am grateful for the power of the atonement in my life. I will
continue to use it and continue to share it.

Thank you for being great!

I Love You All//

Elder Jonny Bigelow

What are your summer goals girls?(evelyn and julia)
I hear that you are doing all sorts of good things in the mornings
before playing. You are going to be so much smarter than I was when I
a kid!

Mom, do you have a milage goal for your bike riding this year? That
could be a cool thing to accomplish.

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