Wednesday, June 25, 2014

week of June 9

This past week was another good one of progress. I still like
progress, but i still want BIGGER, FASTER, MORE. I don't know if I
will ever really be satisfied. I guess that is a good/bad thing. I
will figure that our later when we really are succeeding. The biggest
thing for me to gauge that though i think are my own personal goals.
As long as they always stretch me and I achieve them to perfection now
and again then I can be satisfied with the effort I put in. If I know
I am really giving everything I can at something then I should be
satisfied I guess. Anyway, enough about that.

This coming week we are a little bit in limbo because transfers are
this coming Thursday. Even though I have only been here for six weeks
I still could get transferred. That chance is higher this time around
for a number of reasons, so I am crossing my fingers I get to stay. We
really are finally rolling. We have a number of really cool
investigator families we just need to capitalize on. I want to see
them change! I am though happy to go wherever I am needed to do
whatever is asked. That is the whole point of this mission experience.

On Sunday we had a cool "charla foganera"(fireside) with many of the
recent converts. Every six weeks we have one of these, where the
recently baptized members get to bear their testimonies and share
their own conversion stories. They are pretty much always fun, and a
little enlightening because president Burton always speaks (have a
mentioned that I love him before?). But this time was special. A lot
of people were baptized in the past few weeks and there experiences
were so powerful. It was definitely a step above as far as firesides
go, extra cool part is that 3 kids of a part member families who
recently moved here from Honduras were there and loved it too. Carlos,
Nicole, and Gabriela are there names. They are one of the biggest
reasons I want to stay. Our whole mission is just stepping up there
game in all aspects. We are truly becoming powerful. It reminds me of
something I was studying recently. In the stories of Ammon and
Aaron--which we study all the time as missionaries-- they do all this
great stuff like do service, ask inspired questions and simply teach
doctrine etc etc but as I was studying them again I realized that the
thing that made everything happen was the "power" of the spirit. It
refers to power many times in both cases without explicitly saying, of
the spirit. But that is what it is, and that is what I personally am
gaining and what we as a mission are gaining.

I have realized even though I don't do this mission for myself, nor do
I do it for my own recognition and glory it really is for me. This is
not my work, and it would be done without me. I am asked to, and given
the opportunity to be apart of it so I can be changed. I have changed
a lot--but I think that is a good thing. In some ways I haven't
changed though, I almost bought some new expensive shoes today...I
however did buy the cheap ones because my green ones are kind of
starting to disintegrate.

.my desk is clean
.i am using the keyboard you guys got for me THANKYOU
.i really really really want to go on a  good proper bike ride right now
.yesterday i ate a weird/yummy thing called salchipapas it is got dogs
and french fries cut up with lettuce and tons of condiments. It is
apparently a tradition peruvian dish.
.me and the members here are finally tight
.i think when i get home one of the first things i will do is go camping
.last thing---new goal--finish the Book of Mormon as fast as I can, as
slow as I can. I am in alma 22 but I really want to finish soon. I am
reading very carefully and slowly. Ask me where I am next week

I have a lot left to go but I feel it is just around the corner.


Elder Jonathan Bigelow

ps. I got evelyns letter, it is great. I already hung up one of the paintings
pps. para terminar,pienso que voy a mandar algo en español para que
puedas practicar el tuyo también. He mejorado muchísimo en los últimos
seis semanas y estoy animado para continuar avanzando en mi español.
En un año más, seré pretty good.

My desk these days:

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