Wednesday, June 25, 2014

week of June 23

I love hearing about summer preparations, and I am so excited to hear
all about Jackson hole again. I think I will be even more excited to
go with you all next year. I am stoked to go camping and wander around
in the outdoors on my own schedule.

We have continued to escalate in our success and that is fantastic.
Seeing work pay off is always gratifying. I would like to say that I
would be able to continue without it but I do love to see it. I have
finally counted, and now want to know how long I have left. I have
been working hard but now knowing that I have 10 months left is a
little jarring. I really realize know that I need to work so much
harder. I am giving a lot of myself but I need to give more of myself.
I really need to wear myself out in the service of my god, because he
is my god, and I have learned to really love him. That has been one of
the biggest changes for me as I have served a mission. I have a
personal relationship with god. It used to be casual, with only
occasional though about how our relationship was doing but now it is
an active part of my life. I like it that way and I am happy for it to
continue growing.

I have been using like every spare minute I have to study recently. I
want to know the gospel so much more thoroughly and profoundly. I
often think of how much the gospel has and will direct and change my
life. I see so many scenarios, SO MANY, further on in my life when I
am going to have to really figure stuff out and try and reconcile all
the thoughts in my head and and what I think god wants. That is going
to be an interesting thing to go through. Not because I will becoming
a robot, but that I will develop through my own processes of coming to
conclusions while enlarging my knowledge and understanding of this
world that we live in.

We are off to play soccer right now. Our p day ours are often filled
with soccer or basketball now. My current companion isn't really into
any sort of historical or cultural exhibitions and or museums. So I
guess I will do that later. I think though this transfer is going to
be my last one here. I don't really want it to be but that's what. Lot
of people keep saying, and it is what I am feeling. I wasn't feeling
it last transfer but I am now.

I love my mission. I love you guys. I love this world. I love my
potential. I love everyone I see.

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