Wednesday, June 25, 2014

week of June 2

I have no idea how long I have in my mission, nor how long I have
left. Well no idea would be a lie because I know I will be going home
in April of next year so I know it is less than a year. But I actually
like not being quite sure because it puts a little bit more urgency in
my brain about the work I have. I want to just tear it up while I am
here. I am really trying to work my guts out.

It sounds like a TON of stuff is going on at home. The more I think
about it the more I feel like I am going to be surprised by so many
things. The craziest part will probably be seeing the girls and how
much they have grown up over the previous two years.

This week I have learned a lot about the value of truly "owning up" to
everything you do. I made myself much more accountable to everything
we did this week, especially our goals. We exceeded some of them! We
did not accomplish many others. So, in short  I have about the same
feelings as I did last week but I am a little happier about what is
going on because we are progressing in a bigger way.

hey quick question, do you like hearing more about these little
miracle experiences or my thoughts and feelings about what is going on
specifically with occasional super duper stories? I think I prefer
one... But let me know what you would like to hear about to.

That being said here is a super duper cool story this week. I am going
to tell it a little like a story--While walking up a flight of stairs
in a rundown apartment complex we dodged some little Guatemalan girls
as they chittered about who knows what and continued up the stinky
stairwell to go visit Roberto. As I grabbed the peeling guardrail to
avoid slipping on the slick linoleum on the way up to level C a small
women bursted out of  apartment B3 saying "Elderes, Elderes--como
estan? como estan? Me llamo Kariely y soy miembro. Nos mudamos por aca
como dos meces atras y no sabemos donde esta la capilla. Nos pueden
ayudar?" Un poco soprendido le dije, "Claro, aqui esta la dirrecion.
Tiene una familia?" She rattled off again about her family story and
called her two daughters to come and talk to us. One of the little
girls we saw earlier introduced herself as Aura, and we later met
Aury. We set up a time that we could come back to meet her husband and
teach a lesson.-- We ended up going back and finding out that the dad
had lived there for around 5 years and had gone inactive while working
to bring his family over. The Mom was pumped to see us and ended up
telling us that both of the daughters needed to be taught and baptized
as well because they wanted to wait until their Dad could baptize them
in the States. The really cool thing is that we went that area as a
like fifth back up plan because everything we had called to confirm
had cancelled. God makes magic happen! He will micromanage our lives
if we let him--so says my mission president. He also says "God puts
prepared people of his prepared servants who want to share the
Gospel." So be prepared! More opportunities will come to the sharpest

I am so thankful that I have learned how God works and how he
communicates with me on my mission. I still have all sorts of doubts
and my testimony is very often tried but I bear what I do have with
faith, and I will always but what I have already won first. My doubts
will help me to grow as I resolve them.

.i love the glass that is going on at home. i will be expecting some
pretty magnificent pieces for my home
.i almost bought a pair of SWEET nikes today. they were all black everything
.i am having to deal with some ghirardelli chocolate here in manassas.
There aint no guitard
.i like speaking spanish--i am also a lot better
.i feel really good right now. rested enough, fed enough, worked out
this morning and we have an awesome week ahead of us.

you guys are the dopest

Love// lot lots lot of love

E. J. B.

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